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And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. - Isaiah 54:13 (KJV)
And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. - Isaiah 54:13 (KJV)

The four-year-old curriculum is also teacher written and follows the Early Learning Standards. This program provides a continuation of the foundation in previous programs and then teaches each child to make the connections among the skills they have already learned. In the fours’ classroom, beginning to apply the knowledge each child has and continues to learn is the classroom focus. This leads the child to academic success as he or she can take prior knowledge as well as current concepts and weave them together. In the fours’ program, we teach pre-reading skills from a predominantly phonetic approach utilizing the ABEKA readers as well as hands on activities throughout the year. Based on developmental expectations for this age, the other areas such as literacy, language, math, gross motor coordination, and fine motor development are the remainder of the curriculum. All instruction is differentiated as needed based upon the developmental needs of each child.

Top Ten Ways We ‘Play While We Learn’ in PS4

#1 Love
Each child will learn that they are a gift from God, made in His image, and loved so they can love others.
#2 Interaction
#2 Interaction
Each child will develop social/emotional skills including self-regulation of emotions, kindness, thinking of others, and being a friend.
#3 Ability
Each child will increase depth of thinking including analysis and application of previous academic skills.
#4 Routine
Each child will develop the ability to function in a peer group and follow a daily classroom routine with ease.
#5 Communication
Each child will continue to develop communication and language skills. These include increasing vocabulary, comprehension, and connection of information.
#6 Independence
Each child will develop increasing independence, time management, individual responsibility, and life skills.
#7 Pre-Reading
Each child will advance and improve listening skills, phonemic awareness, and pre-reading skills including blending.
#8 Foundation
Each child will develop literacy, mathematics, and fine motor skills to solidify a proper foundation for learning career.
#9 Creativity
Each child will play and interact with toys and manipulatives in both specific and creative ways for the purpose of learning.
#10 Exploration
Each child will explore their creativity utilizing various mediums, methods, and tools to develop fine motor skills.